Endowment Fund for School Choice
​Because a Jewish Soul should be nurtured; not squandered

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In 2003, a bunch of well-meaning proponents came together over an op-ed published in The Jewish Press.  We discussed how to get an endowment fund for yeshivas off the ground. Unfortunately, although a lot of good ideas from a lot of good people were discussed, the idea never took hold.

In 2016, with the yeshiva tuition challenges becoming more onerous, The Endowment Fund for School Choice was launched to revive the effort & m"h, make an endowment fund for yeshivas successful this time around.

If you grimace every time another famous Jewish philanthropist gives away millions & billions of dollars, without anything going to Jewish education, then you share in our cause. If you feel badly when you hear of Jews being unable to pay for schooling, you share in our cause.  Up until now, there wasn't a national charity for Jewish day schools. There is now. We're it. We're not educators; we're not fundraisers; nor do we profess to be able to run schools.  But we share a passion for ensuring Jewish souls are nurtured; we have corporate governance expertise; and we don't want to see Jewish souls squandered in the public schools.  Our game plan is simple.  Raise an endowment fund.  Provide funding to schools based on their student populations.

In NYC, NY, Jews have recently overtaken Catholics as the #1 student body in private school. On the one hand, it's a miracle. On the other hand, the Jewish day schools suffer from a lack of resources.

The Endowment Fund for School Choice is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Contributions are tax-deductible; so you will help a good cause while reducing your taxes.

We need contributions.  We also need volunteers to serve on Boards, Audit Committees, fundraising to include giving presentations and calling on prospective donors, webmaster, treasurer, legal help, etc... Basically, you name it, we need it. If done properly, we believe our efforts will be successful. As an illustrative example, Phillips Exeter Academy has an endowment of $1.2 billion. Harvard's endowment is around $36.0 billion. It's not a stretch to believe our endowment fund could be just as successful. In summary, if you would like to volunteer, please email us with an indication of interest; along with a resume if you have one. Our e-mail is [email protected] Thanks. Aaron Sears, President, 29 May 2016.